Sometimes I think im depressed, or that there’s something else mentally wrong with me. But then I think I feel that way to subconsciously get attention. And that makes me sick.


is a dull pain eating you away inside when youre not with them. 

its a shaking of your hands when you see them.

its a pound in your heart and a old sweat down your back.

its a tear welling from your cheek when you realize youll never be with them.

its a forever constant memory of what could have been.

love doesnt leave.

crossing something off my to do list tonight:

reach post limit.


pretty sure ethan just fell asleep on me again. and his computer makes loud clicky noises.opeee.


omg. this years fourth will go down in my history books brah!

so i feel like im laying sideways in my bed, and im gonna fall off and theres nothing under me. and this is a weird feeling ugh.

am i crazy or what?


i just love pictures of bedrooms <3 +
omg someones on my blog.





you know, if one person told me not to do it. 
I probably wouldn’t.
But, nobody ever has. 


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someone put me out of my misery like a sick dog.


stop posting good things so i can go to sleep.


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